ONUS DeFi: 50,000 HES Giveaway Winner List

Hesman’s Launchpad program (HES) was successfully launched on May 25 on the ONUS and ONUS DeFi platforms, with involvement from a significant number of communities.

In order to introduce to the community the Launchpad platform for potential Blockchain projects, as well as the opportunity to increase income in the decentralized finance world, ONUS organized a special Airdrop program with a total value of 50,000 HES tokens for lucky participants who follow the program rules.

The Whitelist Giveaway program drew the attention of 5898 individuals in less than 48 hours, resulting in a strong spread of ONUS DeFi. The list of winners for 50,000 HES may be found here.

How to receive the reward

Step 1: Open the wallet app (RICE Wallet, Metamask,…) on your phone and access ONUS DeFi: onus.exchange in the DApp browser.

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon >> Airdrops. Select ONUS Earning >> Click Claim to receive the reward.


  • The winner list has been integrated into ONUS DeFi.
  • Eligible participant is one who completes the steps and has the submitted wallet address on RICE Wallet.
  • Winners need to have gas fees (in BNB) ready to be able to receive the reward.