ONUS DeFi Launchpad: Completed MetaDoge (MTDU) allocation

At 07:00 UTC, August 18th, ONUS completed the subscription format Launchpad for MetaDoge Token (MTDU). The final token allocation results are now in-app on the MTDU Launchpad page. 

Allocation details

Launchpad Pool for VIP Members: 

  • Launchpad amount: 7,000,000 MTDU 
  • Total number of participants: 242
  • Total amount of USDT submitted to buy MTDU: 91,227.74 USDT
  • Committed amount/Launchpad value: 130.33%

Launchpad Pool for Everyone:

  • Launchpad amount: 3,000,000 MTDU
  • Total number of participants: 70
  • Total amount of ONUS submitted to buy MTDU: 18,330.42 USDT
  • Committed amount/Launchpad value: 61.10%

At 13:30 UTC on August 18th, users can access Launchpad to receive:

  • Registration Deposit: 25 ONUS
  • Number of MTDU successfully purchased
  • The amount of USDT left after purchasing

Within 2 hours from 13:30 UTC on August 18, users can choose Refund to return the token and get back the amount purchased IDO. Learn the Refund mechanism here.

In addition, the system will simultaneously display the token vesting schedule and the amount of each cycle. On the day of receiving the token, users can access Launchpad and press “Claim” to receive the token.

Disclaimer: Projects on ONUS Launchpad are released by ONUS partners, ONUS only acts as an intermediary platform to support token sales to the community. ONUS has no obligation to guarantee the exchange rate of the token after the open sale event but entirely depends on the market. Investors should carefully learn the information about the project and take responsibility for your investment decisions.

About MetaDoge and Token MTDU

MetaDoge is a Blockchain-based game project that takes inspiration from Space Doge. This game is intended to be an expandable ecosystem with attractive game modes. 

Some completed game modes for different purposes and targets:

  • Endless Runner – Free to Play & Earn: In this mode, the player goes on an endless space race, where they show off their skills to control the Space Doge to overcome obstacles, collect coins and level up his Space Doge. Players on the leader board can be rewarded with tokens based on their rankings.
  • Runner Tracker: This mode is designed for a healthy & balanced experience. MetaDoge runner tracker is a move-to-earn app that helps players both increase their health and can receive resources to upgrade their Space Doge. Players can run alone, or with their real-life dog to exercise and prepare for the fierce races of MetaDoge Virtual Racing.
  • MetaDoge Virtual Racing: A PVP game between players. Here, the Space Doges will race together in fierce races throughout the universe. The winners will receive rewards from the Game Treasury and other resources. Elite players will have the opportunity to receive Tickets to participate in the prestigious Championship Tournament with extremely valuable rewards.

MetaDoge (MTDU) is developed as the governance token of the Metadoge game and can be used to:

  • Buy Metadoge Box.
  • Users stake MTDU tokens to receive rewards.
  • Reward players participating in tournaments and PvP modes


  • Name: MetaDoge token
  • Ticker: MTDU
  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain
  • Standard: BEP20
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MTDU

Note: ONUS DeFi Launchpad is the platform to support projects with their first token sale to the community (IDO). Every project goes through an appraisal process from ONUS, ensuring users can access quality projects. However, due to the nature of the market, ONUS will not be liable for any property loss. Investors please learn carefully, make sure you understand the risks and be cautious when investing.