ONUS DeFi Launchpad: Introducing Refund Feature

Starting from July 8, 2022, ONUS officially launched the Refund mechanism on the ONUS DeFi Launchpad platform, allowing customers to have a chance to be refunded the money they have participated in IDO.

This gives customers the opportunity to change their investment decisions after the IDO is completed, giving investors more assurance when participating in Launchpad on ONUS DeFi.

Refund Mechanism

Within 2 hours from the time of first receiving the token, users can press the “Refund” button to refund the entire amount of successfully purchased IDO and get back the amount used to buy IDO.

Specifically, at the time of Receiving the token for the first time, the ONUS DeFi Launchpad system will display 2 options:

  • Claim: You press the Claim button to receive the amount of IDO tokens purchased successfully, and receive the remaining amount after registering to buy.
  • Refund: You press the Refund button to refund the amount of purchased IDO tokens and get back the amount of IDO purchase.


  • After 02 hours from the time of receiving the token, users cannot Refund.
  • Refund Fee: 1% of IDO purchase amount, maximum 25 USDT.