ONUS DeFi’s Launching Plan

Dear ONUS community,

As part of our three new ONUS products anticipated to arrive in 2022, we are thrilled to announce the official launch date of ONUS DeFi today (besides ONUS Pro and ONUS Wallet).

On May 5, 2022, at 3:00 a.m (UTC)., you may begin enjoying ONUS DeFi at defi.goonus.io.

What is ONUS DeFi?

ONUS DeFi is a decentralized application, a gateway that allows users to participate in trading digital assets with the best rate and liquidity (in the first phrase, ONUS DeFi liquidity will be taken from Dex exchanges).

With ONUS DeFi, users can also access high-yielding investments including farming, pooling, launchpad (IDO), and private sales, all of which provide substantial profits.

Farming & Pooling: ONUS DeFi offers many investment opportunities to users, including Farming: Users stake LP tokens to receive rewards with high returns. In particular, Farming & Pooling helps to expand the DeFi ecosystem for ONUS Token and projects in the ONUS ecosystem.

ONUS Launchpad (IDO): Along with ONUS application, users have more opportunities to participate in the early purchase of new tokens on ONUS DeFi.

ONUS VIP Membership NFT

In order to prioritize the benefits of long-term users with ONUS DeFi, we launch the ONUS VIP Membership NFT, which is an NFT that helps identify VIP users at ONUS DeFi. When owning ONUS VIP Membership NFT, users will have 03 main privileges including:

(1) ONUS Launchpad (IDO): Users will be given priority to participate in IDO programs at ONUS DeFi without meeting any other requirements.

(2) Private Sales Pool: Users can participate in the private sales round of projects IDO at ONUS DeFi (usually there will be a better exchange rate at IDO).

(3) Airdrop Pools: Users can participate in airdrop programs from projects when listed/IDO on ONUS DeFi.