ONUS Explorer User Manual

ONUS Explorer is a website that allows users to search and look up information and data on the ONUS Chain, such as transaction history, wallet balance, etc. All transactions performed on the ONUS Chain will be recorded and displayed. town. public, cannot be deleted or edited.

The ONUS Explorer is an important part of ONUS Chain’s mission of transparency and decentralization, providing visibility into all transaction data on the network.

Overview of ONUS Chain

When you visit the ONUS Explorer homepage, you can find an overview of the ONUS Chain, such as:

  • Average block time
  • Total transactions
  • Total blocks
  • Wallet addresses

Access information on the most recent blocks and transactions

On the homepage, ONUS Explorer will provide users with information about the latest blocks and transactions on the ONUS Chain. Users can access each block to view the transaction orders in that block or directly review the content of the most recent transaction orders.

You can click “View all” to see more recent blocks and transactions on the ONUS Chain.

Check transactions on ONUS Chain, block, wallet address

Search bar

This is where you can find the following information:

  • Address: Wallet address
  • Token symbol name: Token symbol
  • Transaction: Transaction Hash/ID
  • Block number: Block height

How to check transaction

  1. After completing the transaction, you will receive 1 Hash (Txn Hash)
  2. Access ONUS Explorer at: https://explorer-testnet.onuschain.io/
  3. Paste the Hash code in the search box, then press the search
  4. Information about that transaction will be provided

Some important information you need to care about that transaction such as:

  • Result: Transaction result
  • Status: Transaction status
  • Timestamp: Transaction processing time
  • Transaction Fee: Network Fee