ONUS Futures: Daily Reward Program

With a total trading volume up to now reaching more than 22,300 billion VNDC and 2,100,000+ transactions made, it can be seen that ONUS Futures is proving more and more attractive to the ONUS investor community.

In order to encourage users to participate in trading and have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards, ONUS cooperates with Nami Foundation to launch a daily reward program that applies to ONUS Futures trading users.

Reward mechanism

Users who reach a cumulative Trading Volume of 100,000,000 VNDC during the day will receive a Ticket to draw prizes and have the opportunity to receive a gift worth 100 NAO every day during the program period.

  • Participants: All users trading ONUS Futures.
  • Time: From 0:00 UTC+7 on July 16 to 0:00 UTC+7 on July 28
  • Condition: Reaching a cumulative trading volume of 100,000,000 VNDC.
  • Prize: When using the Ticket, the user has a chance to receive a gift worth 100 NAO.


  • The Ticket is valid for use within the day only.
  • Each user can only receive a maximum of 01 Ticket per day.

Detailed instruction