ONUS gets listed on MEXC

Recently, ONUS token – the digital asset representing the ONUS ecosystem – was voted through the MEXC Kickstarter. The event took place successfully with a vote rate of 165.565%, which is 330 times higher than the Target Rate.

With this impressive achievement, ONUS token will be officially listed on the MEXC exchange at 8:00 today, December 20, 2021 (UTC). Accordingly, investors can buy and sell ONUS tokens on the MEXC exchange.

This opens the door for the ONUS token to be more known and traded by global investors. This is also a strong momentum for ONUS to join the international race track and conquer the next milestones in Roadmap.

Right now, people can send On-chain ONUS to MEXC exchange. Note: MEXC currently only supports ONUS tokens according to the BEP20 standard.

About ONUS token

ONUS Token is a utility token used in the entire ONUS ecosystem, including paying/reducing transaction fees, mortgage and repaying loans, participating in Staking/Farming, becoming a VIP user/business partner, participating in the program’s Launchpad, and voting on ONUS decisions. In addition, ONUS is considered as an asset representing the value of the ONUS platform, investors who own ONUS will be shared in profits every day from ONUS’s business activities and revenue.

About MEXC

MEXC is one of the largest centralized digital asset exchanges in the world. MEXC was created by a group of prominent Wall Street executives, as well as Blockchain technology professionals from Japan and Europe. MEXC is equipped with numerous features: Spot trading, margin trading, derivatives, over-the-counter (OTC), financial products, and smart contracts are all available. MEXC also provides Blockchain asset circulation services to boost security and provide its users with a more intelligent and convenient platform.