ONUS Grand Prix Season 10: The Futures Trading Tournament For Individuals And Teams

After the previously successful tournament, ONUS Grand Prix is now totally ready for the launch of the next season! Take your chance and join now at the ONUS Grand Prix!

Tournament rules

Futures Trading Races competition will open registration within 6 days and the tournament will be held within 24 days.

  • Registration time: 6 days starting from 00:00 25/04/2024 to 00:00 01/05/2024 (UTC+7)
  • Trading time: 24 days, from 00:00 01/05/2024 to 00:00 25/05/2024 (UTC+7)
  • Participants can join as:
  • Personal: Ranked by ROE%
  • Team: Ranked by actual Profit/Loss.
  • Record: Ranked by total trading volume.


  • Users can participate in 3 forms simultaneously: Personal race, Team and Record.
  • Compete through trading VNDC-M and USDT-M perpetual futures contracts. Actual Profit/Loss, Total trading volume is calculated in VND (Exchange rate of 1 USDT = 24,000 VNDC)
  • Teams from ONUS Grand Prix season 9 will be automatically retained for season 10.
  • Team Principals can adjust team information, such as changing the team name, profile picture, and slogan. Team Principals can also invite new members/remove old members or disband the team.
  • Team Principals can switch from a private team to a public one or vice versa.
  • Members can leave their current team, join a new one, or create their own team.

Eligibility for participation

During the registration period, simply log in to the tournament, and the participants will be recorded as registered.

At the time the tournament starts, registered users need to ensure a minimum VNDC or USDT balance in their Futures wallet equivalent to 500,000 VNDC to be counted as valid players.

Note: Eligible players can still join a team after the tournament begins.


The prizes for the Futures trading tournament will be awarded to the winners in VNDC, USDT, or ONUS with equivalent value, through the ONUS account used for tournament registration.

Prize Structure: The total prize pool of up to 5 billion VNDC will be distributed based on the number of valid players.

Valid Individuals

Total Prize


50,000,000 VNDC


150,000,000 VNDC


250,000,000 VNDC


500,000,000 VNDC


750,000,000 VNDC


1,250,000,000 VNDC


2,500,000,000 VNDC


5,000,000,000 VNDC

The total prize pool will be distributed as follows:

  • 60% for the team prize.
  • 30% for the individual prize.
  • 10% for the record prize.

1. Team category:

  • Top 10 teams with the highest actual Profit/Loss will receive prizes.
  • In particular, the top three teams will share 90% of the team prize with the ratio (50%, 25%, 10%, 5%). 10% will be divided equally among the remaining 6 teams.
  • In a team, 20% goes to the Leader, 50% to the top 3 eligible members , 30% to all remaining eligible members.
  • Eligible members have a total trading volume of at least 500,000,000 VND from the time joined team.
  • If teams with equal PnL, the team with a higher total trading volume during the competition time will have a higher ranking.

2. Personal Rewards:

  • Personal prizes are divided into 8 cycles, each of which takes place within 3 days and is deducted 1/8 of the total personal prize that will be awarded after the end of each cycle.
  • In each cycle, the top 3 players with the highest Return on Equity (ROE%) will share 90% of the individual prize pool according to the ratio (50%, 30%, 10%). The remaining 10% will be evenly distributed among the next top 5 players, each receiving 2%.
  • If players have an equal ROE%, players with a higher total trading volume during the competition time will have a higher ranking.
  • The individual ROE% ranking is calculated according to the formula: ROE% = (Expected P&L + Actual P&L – Initial Expected P&L) / max(10,000,000 VND, Initial Balance + Deposit) x 100%
  • Expected P&L: Unrealized P&L in the cycle.
  • Actual P&L: Realized P&L during the cycle.
  • Initial expected P&L: Unrealized profit before the start of the cycle.
  • Initial Balance: Total amount of VNDC & USDT in VND (1 USDT = 24,000 VND) in Futures wallet at the beginning of the cycle.
  • Deposit: Total amount of VNDC & USDT deposited into Futures wallet during the cycle.

3. Record category:

  • The team with the highest trading volume and breaking previous season records will be rewarded.
  • In which, 20% is allocated to the team leader, and the remaining 80% is distributed based on the contribution ratio of all qualifying members.
  • Eligible members have a total trading volume of at least 500,000,000 VND from the time joined team.

4. Newcomer Prize

  • All users who access the Futures feature for the first time from 00:00 2024/03/25, and place an order during the tournament will be recorded as contestants of the Newbie Reward.
  • Total prize = Total trading volume of all participants * 0.01%.
  • The player with the highest trading volume will receive 30% of the total prize. Next, top 2 receive 10%. Top 3-10 share 40% (5% each). Top 11-20 share 20% (2% each).
  • The reward will be paid in 50% VNDC vouchers and 50% USDT vouchers used to pay Futures trading fees.

*Note: At the same time, users can only participate in one of the two categories: (1) Newcomer Prize, or (2) Group, Individual, Record Prizes.

How to register (Mobile)

  1. Access the ONUS Grand Prix tournament:
  • Access the Futures feature
  • Press the three dots icon and select ONUS Grand Prix
  1. Create a team
  • Select “Create team”
  • Enter your team’s name and slogan. Choose or upload your avatar
  • Select Create.

After you create a group, you can invite members to join by sharing a photo or a link to your group.

Note: The group leader has the right to disband the group.

  1. Join a team
  • Select “Join a Team”
  • Choose the team you want to join
  • Confirm


  • You can only join 1 team at a time
  • You can change teams during registration. Once the tournament starts, members cannot leave the team.

How to register (Web)

  1. Log in

If you already have an ONUS account, you do not need to register to participate. You just need to log in by following the steps below. The system will automatically record the result if you meet the minimum balance requirements.

  • Step 1: Access ONUS Grand Prix
  • Step 2: Select “Join now”
  • Step 3: Scan the QR code on the screen to login to your ONUS Pro account
  1. Join a team
  • Scroll down to the “Find teams to race” section
  • Enter the name of the team/leader in the search box
  • Select “Join”
  • Select “Sign up now”
  1. Create your own team and invite friends
  • Select “Register to create a team”
  • Enter team information
  • Select “Create team”

After successfully registering, you can scroll down to keep track of contest performance, program rules and constantly updated rankings.