ONUS integrates ONUSChain VNDC2.0, opens On-chain transactions

In a recent announcement from VNDC Foundation, VNDC 2.0, the official on-chain liquidity protocol, has successfully launched its Open Beta version.

Effective from June 20, 2024, ONUS has officially integrated ONUSChain VNDC 2.0, enabling users to seamlessly deposit and withdraw on-chain VNDC between the ONUS application and the VNDC 2.0 protocol.

About VNDC 2.0

Developed by VNDC Foundation, VNDC 2.0 stands as an on-chain liquidity protocol that ensures every circulating VNDC token is backed by an equivalent amount of USDT at the USDT/VNDC exchange rate. This mechanism introduces a transparent and convenient liquidity channel for VNDC users.

Beyond the prevalent liquidity channels through intermediaries, OTC, or exchanges, VNDC holders can now directly engage with the VNDC 2.0 protocol to convert VNDC into USDT directly on the blockchain network. This facilitates effortless on-chain transactions and DApp utilization.

At the Open Beta launch, VNDC 2.0 is operating on the ONUSChain network. The protocol is slated to expand to other networks, including Ethereum, Binance SmartChain, and Arbitrum, in the near future. VNDC 1.0 will continue to function alongside VNDC 2.0 until the complete transition to VNDC 2.0 is finalized.