ONUS is now available on iOS and Android

Today, October 30, 2021, ONUS team is proud to announce the official launch of ONUS app on iOS and Android!

With this new update, ONUS desired to provide customers with a better investment experience and a more convenient approach, as well as to express our progressive mindset and constant innovation.

ONUS application is downloadable at:

ONUS application has been fully redesigned and reorganized to reflect the ONUS brand in this latest edition. Recent updates have included new features that will enhance your experience and make the investment process more convenient. Important upgrades include:

1. Add USDT as a base currency

Allow users to convert between USDT pairs to optimize the exchange rate.

2. Introducing: For You feature

Provide a full range of suggestions, signals, news, and tutorials for users to maximize  their investment efficiency.

3. My Partner feature

Enhance connections, making it easier for users to contact ONUS partners.

4. Rewards for referring friends

Additional bonuses are paid in ONUS tokens when customers refer friends to use the application.

5. Enhance the experience in current features

Optimize operations, making it more convenient for users to track and make investment decisions.

Don’t hesitate to explore new features on ONUS!