ONUS Monthly Report: December 2021

Dear Investors,

ONUS has closed 2021’s journey with many impressive achievements in December. The ONUS team would like to express our sincere thanks to our partners and investors, who have always accompanied and supported us.

For investors to overview ONUS’s operation and business results, we would like to publish a monthly report in December.

New updates

  • ONUS Launcher – Launchpad investment fund up to 20 million USD dedicated to blockchain Startups in Vietnam.
  • Instagram and Youtube. In addition, ONUS also produces the ONUS 101 video series for new users.
  • ONUS Resources – a place to store and share documents and videos for users and business partners.
  • Introduce Slippage adjustment feature, helping users to control the exchange rate.
  • ONUS Fee Structure continuously updates the ONUS application’s applicable fees continuously and accurately.

Business Performance

  • The total number of users reached 1,841,118, more than 200,000 compared to the previous month.
  • There are an average of 70,000 users accessing the application every day, about 10,000 more than last month. The highest day reached 125,512 users.
  • Successfully organized the Launchpad program of Space Crypto project (SPG) with 2633 participants; the total value of committed orders reached 7,337,504 ONUS, equivalent to $5.9 million.
  • An additional 55 tokens are listed, bringing the total tradable assets on ONUS to 323.
  • 03 more assets are enabled Staking Daily with 3% APY.
  • Organize December ONUS Marathon with a scale of 16,950 ONUS for all users and business partners.
  • Launch Airdrop programs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram platforms with a total reward of $35,000+.
  • The total ONUS trading volume for the month is 117,515,530 ONUS.
  • Top 10 most traded tokens of the month: ONUS, ITAM, RACA, COCOS, BNB, THG, KAI, BCOIN, NEAR, ETH.
  • Monthly trading volume hit 601.8 million USD, up 34% more than November.

ONUS Token

  • ONUS token is officially listed on MEXC – one of the world’s leading centralized digital asset exchanges with over 6 million international users.
  • Burn 362,600 ONUS tokens (equivalent to $285,366), using 20% ​​of monthly revenue to buy back ONUS from the market.

Expanding and Connecting

  • Bloomberg – the world’s leading news agency and 150 international newspapers simultaneously reported on ONUS with the title “ONUS – A financial investment platform that helps more than 1.5 million people access blockchain technology”.
  • The user community on Facebook has reached 120,000 people, becoming one of the largest blockchain/crypto communities in Vietnam. ONUS’s Twitter channel reached 88,000 followers, an increase of about 33,000 followers compared to November.

In December, ONUS has focused a lot on product development and launched more tools to help users have a better investment experience. Besides, the strong growth of ONUS has attracted the attention of international media and the global user community.

In 2022, ONUS looks forward to receiving companionship and valuable contributions from customers to make the ecosystem more and more complete.

Best regards,

ONUS team.