ONUS Monthly Report: February 2022

Dear Investors,

ONUS closed February 2022 with outstanding events. Through product improvements and community development activities, ONUS has recorded impressive numbers of Business Performance in the past month.

To help investors track more details about ONUS’s activities, the development team would like to publish a periodical report in February 2022. In this report, ONUS also shared some development orientations in March 2022.

Remarkable milestones

  • Introduce My Master feature, allowing customers to connect and invest with the support of experts.
  • Burn 218,500 ONUS tokens (equivalent to $140,495.5), using 20% ​​of monthly revenue to buy back ONUS from the market.
  • An additional 19 tokens are listed, bringing the total tradable assets on ONUS to 374.
  • 06 more assets are enabled Staking Daily with 3% APY: MATIC, CELO, AVAX, LUNA, AAVE, UNI.
  • Enable Credit Line feature for 05 more assets, expanding the opportunity to optimize capital for customers: ITAMCUBE, BCOIN, SHIB1000, CELO, SAND.
  • Support Polygon blockchain network, expand transaction options for customers.
  • Open 09 Farming Pools for popular digital assets, increasing the opportunity to increase assets for customers: BTC, BNB, ETH, USDT, BUSD.
  • Apply fee for Selling VNDC through business partners feature. This fee is used to pay commissions for depositing and withdrawing partners.
  • Organize 03 February ONUS Marathon tournaments, with a total reward of 20,700 ONUS for all users and business partners.
  • Launch Airdrop programs on Facebook with a total reward of $3,000+. Coordinate with Coinmarketcap to organize an Airdrop of 50,000 USD reward.

Business Performance

  • The total number of users reached 2,006,612, increasing about 101,000 compared to the previous month.
  • Top 10 most traded tokens of the month: ITAMCUBE, H3RO3S, SLP, BNB, BTC, ETH, ONUS, SHIB1000, FALCONS, NEAR.
  • There are an average of 50,000 users accessing the application every day. The highest day reached 66,000 users.
  • Monthly trading volume hit 300 million USD.
  • Provide 10,540 Credit Line loans to users, total disbursement value of 1.8 million USD.
  • The user community on Facebook has reached 140,000 people, become one of the largest blockchain/crypto communities in Vietnam.
  • ONUS’s Twitter channel reached 100,000 followers, an increase of about 10% compared to January.

Vision in March

  • Optimizing and continuously improving products, adding utilities to help customers increase investment experience.
  • Keep the growth of the community and partner network.
  • List ONUS Token on Pancakeswap and a centralized exchange in TOP 10 (expected late March or early April).
  • Launching ONUS DEX, a new experience of investing on DeFi (Trading, Staking, Farming, Lending & IDO/Launchpad) and helping to expand the ecosystem for ONUS.
  • Testing the ONUS Master feature, optimizing the workflow for professionals at ONUS.

The above summarizes ONUS’s operation and business results in February. In the coming months, ONUS looks forward to receiving companionship and valuable contributions from customers to make the ecosystem more and more complete.

Best regards,

ONUS team.