ONUS Monthly Report: June 2022

Dear Investors,

ONUS closed in June 2022 with memorable events. Through its product improvement and community engagement efforts, ONUS has recorded significant growth in business performance over the previous month. As usual, our Development Team would like to publish the June 2022 Periodic Report for investors to watch the operation of ONUS in more detail.

Remarkable milestones

  • ONUS corporated with Nami Exchange officially integrated Nami Futures on the ONUS application.
  • ONUS has been granted a license to operate as a crypto asset service provider by the Lithuania government.
  • ONUS and Hali Australia officially announced the strategic cooperation agreement, thereby spreading the image of ONUS closer to the Vietnamese community, immigrants, and investment entrepreneurs in Australia.
  • Launch the Launchpad program of the Nami Frame Futures (NAO) project on ONUS Launchpad with 1,284 participants, the total value of committed orders reached 19,911,797,853 VNDC.
  • Announcement of Futures Trading Commission policy for Business Partners.
  • Periodically burn 380,000 ONUS tokens ($143,032), using 20% of May revenue to buy back ONUS from the market.
  • Launching a 20,000 VNDC reward program for new users to experience the ONUS Futures feature. 
  • New feature: Deactivate account – help users stop all your activities with the ONUS app proactively.
  • Organize 02 ONUS Marathon competitions with unlimited prizes for all users and partners.
  • List 12 more cryptocurrencies, bringing the total number of tradable assets on ONUS to 573.
  • Open 21 Farming Pools for assets: RUN, USDT, ETH, BNB,  BTC, HES, VNDC, HNG.
  • Launch the reward program for new registers up to 1 Bitcoin. 
  • Launch the Pyramid (PYRA) project IDO on ONUS DeFi Launchpad with 1,181 participants, the total value of committed orders reached 493,953.9 USDT.
  • Launch the IDO 80,000 PYRA Whitelist Giveaway for lucky users. 
  • Launch the Nami Frame Futures (NAO) IDO only for VIP Members on ONUS DeFi Launchpad with 242 participants, the total value of committed orders reached 1,826,378,987 VNDC. 

Business Performance

  • The total number of users reached 2,418,470, increasing by about 167,436 compared to the previous month.
  • Top 10 most traded tokens of the month: ETH, BNB, BTC, PLD, CEL, XCN, NEAR, ONUS, USTC, LUNA.
  • The monthly trading volume hit approximately 432 million USD.
  • The Futures monthly trading volume reached 9,151 billion VNDC (~391.01 million USD).
  • Facebook Group reached 208,000 users and increased by 8,000 members in just 1 month.
  • ONUS’s Twitter channel has reached 139,100 followers and has been verified by Twitter.

The above summarizes ONUS’s operation and business results in June. In the coming months, ONUS looks forward to receiving companionship and valuable contributions from customers to make the ecosystem more and more complete.

Best regards,

ONUS team.