ONUS Monthly Report: November 2021

Dear Investors,

Last November was an important stage in ONUS’s development roadmap, reflected in our rapid and powerful decision. ONUS team would like to express our sincere thanks to our partners, investors, who have always accompanied and supported us.

For investors to have an overview of ONUS’s operation and business results, we would like to publish a monthly report in November.

Remarkable milestones

  • Launch more tools for better investment: ONUS Market to track the market, Research page to study each digital asset, My Partner feature to help connect customers and partners, For You feature to quickly update market news.
  • Introduce ONUS Voting, allowing ONUS holders to participate in voting for important decisions at ONUS.
  • Successfully organized the first Voting program, with 93.75% of votes agreeing to open Launchpad HTD on ONUS.
  • Successfully organized Launchpad program with the Heroes TD (HTD): Total participants was 3,201, the total value of committed orders reached 4,955,098 ONUS, equivalent to 3.3 million USD.
  • An additional 38 tokens are listed, bringing the total number of assets currently supported by ONUS to 268 tokens.
  • 11 more assets are enabled Staking Daily with 3% APY.
  • Implemented a burn of 315,510 ONUS tokens through the use of 20% of monthly revenue to buy back ONUS from the market.
  • Launching Airdrop programs on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram platforms with a total reward of $130,000.
  • Organizing 02 tournaments with a scale of 14,900 ONUS for all users and partners.
  • Add USDT as another base currency beside VNDC, giving customers the option to exchange (swap) in USDT.

Business Performance

  • The total number of users reached 1,606,885, an increase of 80,000 compared to the previous month.
  • The average daily user is more than 43,000, increases 39% compared to October.
  • Top 10 most traded tokens of the month: BTC, KAI, COCOS, MANA, SHIB1000, RACA, ONUS, SAND, BNB, IOTX.
  • Monthly trading volume hit 449.7 million USD, up 15% more than October.
  • ONUS’s Facebook community reaches 100,000 users. ONUS’s Twitter channel now has more than 55 thousand followers, a 44% increase since October.

The above is a summary of ONUS’s operation and business results in November. As can be seen in this November, ONUS continuously launches new features and programs to help customers maximize the investment experience.

In the coming months, ONUS looks forward to continuing to receive the companionship and useful contributions from customers to make the ecosystem more and more complete.

Best regards,

ONUS team.