ONUS New Base Currency: USDT

Based on feedback and proposals from ONUS community, we are pleased to announce: Add USDT as the base currency on ONUS application and enable exchange pairs with USDT.

USDT as base currency 

Previously, for the convenience of Vietnamese users, the ONUS application used VNDC as the sole base currency. Your assets are displayed in VNDC, and most transactions are conducted in VNDC.

Now, to improve the customer experience and make it more friendly to global users, ONUS officially has added USDT as the app’s base currency!

As a result, users can view assets in USDT, which applies to all ONUS features. Especially when choosing USDT as the base currency, you can use the Exchange feature in USDT.

Swapping in USDT

When USDT is selected as the base currency, users can use the Exchange feature to buy/sell tokens with USDT.

Users now can use USDT to swap for Bitcoin or other tokens and vice versa. Therefore, your transaction will be minimized from the VNDC/USDT exchange rate difference.


In the settings, select “Base Currency”

Choose USDT or VNDC as your base currency.

Confirm changes using Smart OTP.


If USDT does not appear, please update ONUS on the Appstore/CH Play or restart the application to enjoy the latest version.