ONUS Partner Program – New Updates for Partners and Masters

To balance interests for all 3 parties: Business Partners, Users and ONUS Platform, ONUS will adjust the policy for Partners and Master.

  • Apply from: 17h00 UTC August 12, 2022.
  • See ONUS Partner Program here.

New Updates:

1. Change the Partner/Master commission rate

Partners and Masters will share the commission arising from users’ Exchange, Futures transactions at the rate of 70/30 (Partners receive 70%, Experts receive 30%). If the user does not select the Expert, the referring partner will receive 100% of the commission according to the business policy.

2. Adjust commission for features

ONUS will change the commission applied to some features according to the table below. 

  • Paying commissions Staking Daily interest only for VNDC and USDT, temporarily suspending for other assets.
  • Adjustment of Exchange, Futures and Launchpad commissions.
  • Increase P2P commission.

Other features remain the same commission level.

Note: The commission for the Staking Daily Interest feature only applies to VNDC and USDT, temporarily for other assets.

3. Master-changing policy

The user has the right to change the Master after a specific period of time from the time of tracking that Master, specifically as follows:

Example: User A selects Mr. David as his Master.

  • If Mr. David is a Broker-level business partner, the user needs to wait 24 hours from the time of adding a Master to change to another Master sieve.
  • Similarly, if Mr. David is a Regional Partner, the user needs to wait 04 days from the time of following Mr. David to change to another Master.