ONUS Partner Program

As a product maker, ONUS is constantly optimizing the application to make it easier for more and more people to invest in digital assets.

Despite the fact that the features have been simplified, ONUS recognizes that significant and minor barriers still exist when customers use the product, as the blockchain and financial technology industries are still quite complicated for ONUS users who are unfamiliar with technology, blockchain, or investing.

With the mission of assisting you in investing in digital assets, ONUS hopes that each customer who comes to ONUS will receive unwavering support throughout their product usage: from registration to the following steps, where users learn each tool provided by ONUS, and then know how to flexibly combine features to achieve investment goals.

ONUS will not be able to accomplish this on our own. ONUS needs the support of business partners, each of whom is an ONUS Ambassador.

ONUS is proud to introduce the updated Partner Policy for Business Partners exclusively today, November 1st, 2021. ONUS lays out the requirements for becoming ONUS agents, as well as the benefits system and business registration policies.

See details of ONUS’s latest partner policy here.

Some crucial updates in the new policy:

  • Additional P2P Trading commission.
  • Increase the level of Conversion commission, Credit Line and adjust the Staking commission.
  • Reward ONUS when users and partners reach referral milestones.
  • Moreover, ONUS will also host events such as TOP income, referrers, trading volume for partners.

The new business policy will be applied from November 1st, 2021. New changes on P2P commissions will be updated a few days later.

Accordingly, ONUS will establish new profit-sharing channels and benefits to business partners. ONUS anticipates that these changes in the new business policy would encourage the business partners team – ONUS’s ambassadors – to devote more time and effort to assisting users in making better use of ONUS products.

  • Provide customers with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.
  • Give customers instructions on how to utilize the product and should be given thoughtful assistance throughout the process.
  • Introduce and disseminate ONUS so that more individuals can benefit from ONUS application.

In addition, the ONUS team is working on a “My Partner” feature that will allow customers and business partners to connect more easily. Details on the features will be provided as soon as they are available.

Thank you to our business partners who have been and will continue to support ONUS in its objective to help more Vietnamese and international people gain access to and thrive in the digital asset investment industry.

Best regards,