ONUS Saving 02: Hold ONUS – Earn ONUS Merch

In order to spread the benefits of accumulating ONUS Coin – the representative asset of the ONUS ecosystem, the team officially launches the ONUS Saving 02 campaign: Hold ONUS – Earn ONUS Merch.

Through the program, users have the opportunity to earn attractive rewards and ONUS Merchandise gift sets.

Register to participate at: https://forms.gle/oG14urYPpnh16LJ18


  • Investors who use the ONUS platform and believe in the development of ONUS
  • Investors who haven’t own ONUS Coin and want to learn about the benefits of holding ONUS Coin
  • Investors who want to own ONUS Coin at a good price
  • Investors who want to become a Business Partner, accompanying the common development of ONUS
  • Investors who want to participate in the decentralized ecosystem (DeFi) at ONUS Chain


  • Give away 3000 TURBO/player to all players who accumulate ONUS Coin for 5 consecutive days using the Trade or Auto Invest feature. (minimum 1,000,000 VNDC or 50 USDT per day).
  • Giving away 10 more random ONUS Merchandise gift sets (Shirt, Hat or Book) to 10 lucky players who accumulate ONUS Coin 7 days in a row (randomly dialed live stream).

Program Terms:

  • Transaction recording time: 15 days from 11:00 on May 26, 2023, to 11:00 on June 10, 2023 (UTC).
  • Players need to register through the registration form for consideration of prizes.
  • Buying ONUS Coin transactions needs to be executed through the Trade/Auto Invest feature with a minimum trading volume of 1,000,000 VNDC or 50 USDT to be considered valid.
  • Total prize pool: 180,000 TURBO
  • In any circumstances, ONUS has full discretion over the program results.
  • The reward is automatically transferred to the winner’s account within 10 working days.

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