ONUS Saving 03: Hold Bitcoin – Earn 10,000,000 VNDC

ONUS officially launches the ONUS Saving 03 campaign: Hold Bitcoin – Earn 10,000,000 VNDC.

Register to participate at: https://forms.gle/BSm7rgGmYAGx36y86



Number of consecutive BTC accumulation days

5000 TURBO/user

All players

3 days

5 voucher 200,000 VNDC

5 lucky players

5 days

7 voucher 300,000 VNDC

7 lucky players 

7 days

10 voucher 1,000,000 VNDC

10 lucky players 

10 days

Program Terms:

  • Transaction recording time: 15 days from 17:00 June 22, 2023 to 17:00 July 7, 2023.
  • Players need to register through the registration form for consideration of prizes.
  • Buying ONUS Coin transactions needs to be executed through the Trade/Auto Invest feature with a minimum trading volume of 1,000,000 VNDC or 50 USDT to be considered valid.
  • In any circumstances, ONUS has full discretion over the program results.
  • The organizers will livestream to select players randomly to receive VNDC vouchers. If the number of qualified players is less than the number of prizes, all eligible players will be awarded without the need for a number drawing.

ONUS recommendations

You can set up an Auto Investment plan with a capital of 1,000,000 VNDC or from 50 USDT per day during the duration of the program, so that the system helps you to accumulate Bitcoin automatically and you will be eligible for the program.