ONUS Shares: Completed ONUS Coin burning in the cycle 16

From the ONUS Shares v4.0 upgrade (applied from the 16th governance cycle), ONUS Shares has bought back and burned ONUS Coin as follows:

  • Every day, the system will use 25% of profits for an automatic ONUS buyback.
  • 20% of the ONUS quantity after BuyBack will be burned at the end of the cycle.

With the total amount of 234,035.05 ONUS bought back in the 16th governance cycle, ONUS has completed burning 20%, equivalent to 46,807.01 ONUS ($16,799.04).

16th governance cycle burn transaction details: https://explorer.onuschain.io/tx/0x21612981586159de7f87c3bb0d454201c916f153b961d1523703cfe9302c004d

To ensure transparency, all ONUS coin burning transactions will be publicly updated at: https://goonus.io/ONUS