ONUS Swap completed ONUS Chain integration

Besides BNB Chain, from January 10, 2022, ONUS Swap has been officially deployed on ONUS Chain, expanding user experience opportunities.

Accordingly, users can now use all the features of ONUS Swap on the ONUS Chain network: Trade, Invest, Launchpad and NFT.

For ONUS Vip Membership NFT:

  • Owners of ONUS Vip Membership NFT will be able to maintain all benefits of ONUS Vip Membership NFT when using ONUS Swap under the ONUS Chain network.
  • Owners of ONUS Vip Membership NFT can Claim this NFT when connecting ONUS Swap to ONUS Chain.

Join ONUS Swap now at: https://onusswap.com/ 

Instructions for claiming NFT

If you own ONUS Vip Membership NFT on BNB Chain network, you can claim ONUS Vip Membership NFT at ONUS Chain to receive the same benefits by following 3 steps below:

Step 1: Open RICE Wallet. Select ONUS Chain network. Go to the DApp and access ONUS Swap at: https://onusswap.com/ 

Step 2: Go to options, select NFTs

Step 3: Click Claim and confirm the transaction to complete.