ONUS Voting: Inspecting Nami Frame Futures (NAO)

Only 1 week since its launch, ONUS Futures (powered by Nami) has immediately become a daily habit of investors with 10,000+ users per day, average daily trading volume exceeds 25 million USD, revenue from transaction fees reached $108,385 after only 7 days, and continued to grow.

As planned, Nami will issue its own token for the Nami Frame Futures (NAO) project. NAO token holders receive a share of the profits from the transaction fees of Futures products.

ONUS Voting: Nami Frame Futures (NAO)

Nami Frame Futures (NAO) project has passed the initial inspection of ONUS, and will officially enter the community inspection through ONUS Voting at 01:00 PM UTC today, June 23rd, 2022

  • Voting time: From 01:00 PM UTC on June 23rd to 01:00 PM UTC on June 24th.
  • In the ONUS Shares feature, you can find the Nami Frame Futures (NAO) project on the “Voting” section.
  • If the approval rate is higher than 50% at the end of the voting process, the project will be approved and soon open for sale on the ONUS Launchpad.
  • Conditions: You must be a member of ONUS Shares to follow and participate in the voting process. Voting Power is calculated according to your vONUS* points.

(*) vONUS is the point you will receive when joining the Pools at ONUS Shares. vONUS points are also your Voting Power. The higher the Voting Power, the more weight your opinion will have in voting programs for important ONUS decisions. In addition, the more vONUS points a person has, the more special benefits they have. Learn more about vONUS here

Note: If the Nami Frame Futures project passes the Voting round, NAO tokens will be offered for sale in VNDC units, through users staking VNDC and receiving NAO token allocation according to the stake ratio.

About Nami Frame Futures and Token NAO

Nami Frame – Futures is a project co-developed by Nami and ONUS, providing users with perpetual futures derivatives trading products, with high leverage from x1 to x125 for more than 150 trading pairs in VNDC, USDT,… Through the integrated solution of Nami Frame – Futures, ONUS users can experience Nami’s products and services without worrying about account opening, KYC, app download use, deposit, and withdraw. All connected seamlessly on ONUS’s app with Nami’s Futures integration.

Nami Frame Futures (NAO) is the central token of the Nami Frame – Futures project, distributed in the form of Fair-launch and has a special governance mechanism. NAO tokens can be used for the following purposes:

  • NAO holders are entitled to share 20% of profits from transaction fees in proportion to their ownership in the Governance Pool.
  • NAO holders have the right to participate in voting for decisions to unlock tokens as proposed by the project.
  • Reduce transaction fees by up to 40%.

Notable information about this Launchpad

The total supply of 100,000,000 NAO is allocated as follows:

  • Launchpad (15%): There is only one round of Public Sale, accounting for 15% of the total supply (15,000,000 NAO), launching price 1 NAO = 1,000 VNDC. No Seed and Private rounds. Fully unlocked.
  • Liquidity Creation (6.25%): For NAO/VNDC trading pair on ONUS, listing price 1 NAO = 1,200 VNDC.
  • Retroactive (1%): Distributed to the first users to use the product, evenly divided by the transaction volume.
  • Development Fund (77.75%): Locked. Unlocked by community vote for Airdrop programs, transaction incentives, cooperation,…

Note: ONUS Launchpad is the platform to support projects with their first token sale to the community. Every project goes through an appraisal process from ONUS, ensuring users can access quality projects. However, due to the nature of the market, ONUS will not be liable for any property loss. Investors please learn carefully, make sure you understand the risks and be cautious when investing.