ONUS Voting: Inspecting Space Crypto (SPG)

ONUS Voting is a feature that allows investors to vote for important decisions in the ONUS ecosystem. Projects that want to implement Launchpad need to go through voting by the ONUS community before being offered for sale.

ONUS would like to announce that the Space Crypto project (SPG) has officially entered the community inspection through ONUS Voting.

Inspecting Space Crypto (SPG) project

Starting at 01:00 PM UTC today, December 13th, 2021, ONUS officially enabled the Voting feature to appraise the Space Crypto (SPG) project. The voting program will last 24 hours (ends at 01:00 PM UTC December 14th).

Suppose the approval rate is higher than 50% at the end of the voting process. In that case, the project will be approved and soon open for sale on ONUS Launchpad. 

How to join in ONUS Voting

Step 1: You must be a member of ONUS Shares to participate and follow the voting progress.

Step 2: At the ONUS Shares screen, scroll down to the “Voting” section and click “View all”. Here you will see all the proposals you can vote for.

Step 3: Choose to inspect the Space Crypto (SPG) project.

Step 4: Read the details of the information and vote. 

The system will automatically calculate and appraise the voting results as “Approved” or “Denied”.


  • Voting rights are available to all ONUS Shares members.
  • The voting power is based on the ONUS tokens you staked in ONUS Shares.
  • You can only vote once for each ONUS proposal.

Notable information about this Launchpad

  • Token distributed from the Launchpad will only unlock 25% of the purchase amount after the event ends. The remaining 75% will go under vesting in the next 3 months, equivalent to 25% per month.
  • Private Sale Policy: Hold 10% of the total 1,000,000,000 token supply. 6% initial release at TGE, 2% release at 4th week, 2% at 8th week, then lock for 1 month, then vest weekly in 12 months. 
  • The platform that IDO at the same time as ONUS: GameFi, Red Kite
  • Space Crypto’s Smart Contract is being audited by Certik

For more details, please check out:

About Space Crypto and Token SPG

Space Crypto is an NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) fighting game in the Space Metaverse, where the player acts as the space’s guardian and fights against the conspiracies of the evil bosses. With a Free-to-Play model and simple gameplay, vivid graphics, Space Crypto will bring an incredibly realistic space exploration experience while helping players earn more tokens in their free time.

SPG is the main token used as a payment and governance method in Space Crypto. Players can use SPGs to:

  • Payment in the Marketplace and fusion spaceships.
  • Staking to earn reward from Treasury&DAO.
  • Vote to decide how the economy will be.