ONUS Voting: New ONUS Shares v3.1

With the goal of attracting the community to join ONUS Shares and become a partner with ONUS, the team will implement some new changes beginning with the 14th administration cycle.

Members of ONUS Shares can vote for or against these changes. The voting results will determine the 14th cycle’s next mechanism.

ONUS team’s proposal

  1. Adjust the vONUS ratio of pools

– 30 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, receive 250 vONUS

– 90 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, receive 500 vONUS

– 180 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, receive 800 vONUS

– 365 days: Deposit 1000 ONUS, receive 1000 vONUS

  1. Adjust the time of recording the amount of vONUS

From governance cycle number 1 to 13, valid vONUS points for profit sharing are recorded at the beginning of the governance cycle.

ONUS proposes the following changes:

  • From cycle 14, the number of vONUS points valid for participating in the administration cycle is recorded at the end of the cycle.
  • That means users have the opportunity to deposit ONUS and own vONUS to participate in the cycle at any time during the cycle, instead of having to wait for a new cycle.
  1. Withdraw vONUS anytime

Instead of having to wait until the end of the cycle to be able to withdraw vONUS like in previous cycles, ONUS proposes to allow users to withdraw vONUS from the pool at any time during the pool period.

ONUS Shares members vote

Voting program will be implemented, allowing ONUS Shares members to use their voting rights to comment on these proposals.

Participate in voting Agree/Disagree to deploy new upgrade:

  • If the Agree rate is greater than 50%, the proposal is approved. The development team will roll out the updates, which are expected to apply from Governance Cycle 14.
  • If the Agree rate is less than 50%, the proposal is rejected. ONUS Shares will maintain the same mechanism as previous cycles.

Voting details

  • Voting Time: From 09:00 AM on August 14, 2023 to 09:00 AM on August 15, 2023 (UTC).
  • Vote at: “Voting” section in the ONUS Shares feature.
  • Conditions: You must be a member of ONUS Shares to follow and participate in the voting process. Voting Power is calculated according to your vONUS points.