ONUS x Attlas: Integrate FutureSwap on ONUS

In order to bring the most valuable products/services to investors, today, July 2nd, the team corporates with Attlas Exchange officially integrated FutureSwap on the ONUS application.

Users can now deposit assets and trade in FutureSwap contracts directly on the ONUS application. All the information about prices, charts, and placing orders is done via Attlas Exchange. When deposited into the Futures wallet, all assets are still stored securely on ONUS and can be withdrawn anytime. 

You can easily find FutureSwap right on the Main screen. 

In addition, ONUS will close the Off-chain deposit/withdrawal port between ONUS and Attlas to prioritize users to transact directly at ONUS and store assets in ONUS.

About FutureSwap

FutureSwap is a feature that helps newbies to cryptocurrency who don’t know or know the fundamentals of investing can start trading Futures easily. FutureSwap has a streamlined interface that minimizes the parameters and information on the screen to provide the simplest investment experience.

Some highlights of FutureSwap:

  • Minimalist interface, friendly for newbies
  • Fixed leverage (10x), minimizing trading risks
  • Transactions with VNDC base currency
  • Transaction fee: 0.05%

*Futures is a form of derivative trading, allowing users to place orders in anticipation of the price of an asset without actually owning it. If the asset price movement happens as predicted, the investor will benefit from the difference between the predicted price and the actual price (after placing the order) and vice versa.