ONUS x Attlas: Integrate FutureSwap Pro on ONUS

Launched on ONUS on July 2, the FutureSwap feature (developed by Atlas) has attracted significant attention from the investor community. Thanks to the clean, minimalist interface and simple investment experience, FutureSwap has supported thousands of new users to get acquainted with the potential form of Futures trading quickly.

To meet the needs of long-time and experienced Futures traders, on August 3rd, ONUS cooperated with Atlas to integrate the Pro version of the FutureSwap feature on the ONUS app.

**Users please update the app to version 2.9.2 (iOS) or 2.9.0 (Android) to experience the feature.

What is the difference between the Pro version and the Basic version?

FutureSwap Pro version will have 3 most prominent features aimed at serving experienced investors:

  • Leverage up to x125, providing great buying power and high-profit potential for investors.
  • Customize slippage, and control profit fluctuations when using high leverage.
  • Isolate, investors easily control liquidation.

Note: The higher the leverage, the greater the risk because leverage increases profit and loss margin. Please consider carefully the level of risk you can accept and maintain the capital allocation rules, setting Stop Loss before placing orders.

To better understand the difference between Basic and Pro versions, please refer to the information below:

Pro version Basic Version
Leverage Up to x125 x10 Fixed
Slippage Optimization Still suffers slippage when the market is volatile and the token is small in cap
Margin mechanism Isolate, loss limit on margin per order. Cross, liquidation on the entire account’s margin
Order types Market Order

Limit Order

Market Order
Liquidation When the asset price touches the liquidation price Partial liquidation of open positions when safety ratio < 25%
Liquidation Fee Leverage < x50: 0.5%

Leverage from x50: 1%

Do not have
Trading Fee 0.05%
Funding Fee Displayed on the app, subject to change according to market conditions.

Add/Subtract every 8 hours (UTC+7): 07:00; 15:00; 23:00.

Detailed instructions

To convert from FutureSwap Basic version to the Pro version, users can do it in 2 ways:

  1. The first time using FutureSwap Pro

2. Switch between the Basic version and the Pro version