ONUS x Hali Australia: Strategic Partnership

On June 28th, ONUS and Hali Australia officially announced the strategic cooperation agreement.

The goal of the cooperation agreement is to develop together based on the strengths of the two sides, thereby spreading the image of ONUS closer to the Vietnamese community, immigrants, and investment entrepreneurs in Australia. This event also marks ONUS’s step towards developing major overseas markets.

Main contents of cooperation agreement:

  • ONUS will cooperate with Hali to officially establish ONUS Australia to expand ONUS’s image coverage in this developed country.
  • ONUS and Hali Australia collaborate to promote communication and product development to expand the customer base for ONUS in Australia.

Specific cooperation activities will be announced soon.

About Hali Australia

HALI Australia is a pioneering technology platform supporting Vietnamese people settling in Australia (Migration Technology – MigraTech), helping families to integrate into a new life in Australia more easily, quickly, and conveniently. HALI Australia provides factual information and consulting support, connecting customers to reputable Vietnamese experts to solve customers’ needs and problems in Australia.

Website: https://haliaustralia.com