ONUS x Hesman: Airdrop 200,000 HES for All Users

Recently, ONUS announced plan to open sale of Hesman token (HES) through ONUS Launchpad, right after this project received 96.04% Agree rate at ONUS Voting.

In order to spread Hesman products to the investor community before Launchpad, ONUS will cooperate with Hesman to conduct an Airdrop program: Airdrop 200,000 Hesman tokens (HES) to users, equivalent to $4000. Specifically:

  • Airdrop 100,000 HES for 20,000 users who log in to ONUS application at the earliest starting from 7:00 UTC on May 23, with the amount of 5 HES each.
  • Airdrop 100,000 HES for all users participating in ONUS Shares, proportional to the user’s vONUS points at 7:00 UTC on May 23.

Note: Please visit the App Store or Google Play to update the app to the latest version and receive rewards.

About Hesman and token HES 

Hesman Legend was released on the 30th anniversary of the publication of “The Hero Hesman” – a comic series associated with Vietnamese youth of the previous generation. Hesman Legend and artist Nguyen Hung Lan brought the image of Vietnamese superheroes to the world, revived the youth dream of the previous generation and inspired the national spirit of the modern youth.

Hesman Legend aims to build a large Metaverse, introduce Hesman to the international comic-loving community and spread Vietnamese culture. To attract the community, the project will release NFTs with special benefits and the Play-to-Earn game with the same name. 

The Hesman token (HES) is used as:

  • In-game Token: HES is the currency for in-game activities such as summoning heroes, buying items,…
  • Governance: Exclusive Earning Opportunities for those who lock HES into vaults
  • Exclusive Access: HES holders enjoy the benefits of the platform and are given priority to use certain privileges