ONUS X Hesman: Strategic Partnership

ONUS always encourages projects that bring benefits to the community and contain deep spiritual values. Hesman is considered such a project, and has strong development potential in the context of the ever-blooming world of NFT and Metaverse.

Today, April 18, ONUS and Hesman officially announced a strategic cooperation agreement with specific goals:

  • Introducing to the ONUS community an NFT project that contributes a lot of spiritual values to society, promoting national culture; same product development orientation clearly associated with blockchain industry trends.
  • Implement community development programs to connect, share and promote the common development of both platforms.
  • ONUS became the bridge to help introduce and spread Hesman’s products to the community of more than 2 million investors.

Specific cooperation plans will be announced in the near future.

About Hesman

Hesman Legend was released on the 30th anniversary of the publication of “The Hero Hesman” – a comic series associated with Vietnamese youth of the previous generation. Hesman Legend and artist Nguyen Hung Lan brought the image of Vietnamese superheroes to the world, revived the youth dream of the previous generation and inspired the national spirit of the modern youth.

Hesman Legend aims to build a large Metaverse, introduce Hesman to the international comic-loving community and spread Vietnamese culture. Hesman Legend is expected to pioneer in blockchain application to preserve and spread Vietnamese cultural and spiritual values, through comics, literature, art, games, etc.

To attract the community, the project will release NFTs with special benefits and the Play-to-Earn game with the same name. The project promises to open a metaverse with the heroic image of Hesman appearing in other products such as movies, games, animation and maybe even a completely new character version in the second part of this legendary series.