ONUS x Nami Exchange: ONUS Futures Rebrands to NAO Futures

ONUS Futures is a project co-developed by Nami and ONUS, directly integrated on ONUS application from June 2022.

To prepare for the launch and integration of ONUS Pro products on the ONUS app, from December 9, 2022, ONUS Futures will be rebranded as NAO Futures. Changing the name helps to avoid confusion for users; all other functions of the NAO Futures product remain unchanged.

About NAO Futures 

Nami Futures is a platform for investors to trade in Futures contracts and is co-developed by Nami Exchange and ONUS. Futures is a form of derivative trading, allowing users to place orders in anticipation of the price of an asset without actually owning it. If the asset price movement happens as predicted, the investor will benefit from the difference between the predicted price and the actual price (after placing the order) and vice versa.

Futures trading allows everyone to trade two-way (Buy/Long; Sell/Short) in both Bull and Bear markets.

  • Transaction fee: 0.06% (40% discounted)
  • Maximum leverage: 125x