ONUS x Oquity Finance: Strategic Partnership

On November 30, 2023, ONUS and Oquity Finance officially established a strategic partnership. This marks the foundation for both parties to collaborate in developing products for Oquity Finance’s decentralized lending and introducing VNDO – a utility-rich stablecoin, expanding its development capabilities in the DeFi space.

The collaboration closely aligns with the goal of diversifying the ecosystem, increasing benefits for the community, and providing a comprehensive Web 3.0 experience. Details about the collaborative products will be announced to the community in the coming time.

About Oquity

Oquity Finance is a lending protocol with a unique feature of 0% interest, built on the ONUSChain. Oquity Finance offers a secure and fast borrowing solution, enabling users to enhance capital utilization efficiency and leverage their investments. With Oquity Finance, users can easily create and settle loans at any time in a decentralized manner.

Additionally, users can earn rewards by providing liquidity through the Stability Pool and receive a share of revenue from loan creation fees and redemption fees when participating in the Governance Pool.

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