ONUS x W3W: Strategic Partnership

On November 13, 2023, ONUS and W3W officially became strategic partners. This relationship serves as the foundation for ONUS and W3W to collaborate in deploying useful products and utilities for users. When collaborative products are released, the team will make an announcement.

About W3W

W3W is a protocol that tokenised assets of traditional businesses (RWA), allowing them to join in the Web3 business environment and providing valuable user experience features in the Web3 business environment. This protocol includes interoperability facilities between Web2 and Web3 environments to bridge the differences between the two environments.

Specifically, W3W focuses on tokenised assets such as promotion programs and loyalty programs,… to create a seamless experience for end users in many Web2 & Web3 environments.

Website: https://w3w.link/ 

Link tree: https://linktr.ee/w3w_link