ONUS x WhiteHub: Bug Bounty deployment, enhance system security

Starting from November 22, 2021, ONUS has collaborated with WhiteHub to launch the ONUS Bug Bounty program to connect cyber expert’s community to find vulnerabilities and offers solutions to enhance product security in the ONUS ecosystem, ensuring asset safety for users.

Up to now, the total amount of bonuses awarded to researchers has reached 6,410 USD. A total of 66 research reports were submitted, more than 77% of which were approved.

The continuous implementation of this Bug Bounty has helped to strengthen ONUS’s security system, protecting ONUS from cyber attacks.

About WhiteHub

WhiteHub is the first crowdsourced security platform in Vietnam that connects security researchers and businesses to find out security vulnerabilities in technology products through bug bounty programs. As of August 2019, WhiteHub had 500 security experts participating in the platform, deploying Bug Bounty for 20 domestic and international companies in various fields such as eCommerce, Fintech, OTA, SaaS, blockchain,…