ONUS x WhiteHub: Bug Bounty Program

Continuously facing the threats of cyber attacks in the blockchain environment, the ONUS team has been looking for active solutions to strengthen our products’ security and keep people safe.

Understanding the benefits of Bug Bounty to our system, on September 7th, ONUS deployed a Bug Bounty Program on CyStack’s WhiteHub platform.

ONUS Bug Bounty is a security program that helps to connect the cyber expert’s community to find vulnerabilities before any black hat hacker could exploit them for malicious purposes. The bounty for each critical vulnerability discovered is up to 1,000 USD.

Program Overview:

  • Program Name: ONUS Bug Bounty
  • Announced on: Sep 07th, 2022
  • Program Type: Public
  • Managed by: WhiteHub team
  • Highest Bounty: 1,000 USD

Join the ONUS Bug Bounty Program now at: https://whitehub.net/programs/onus/

About WhiteHub

WhiteHub is the first crowdsourced security platform in Vietnam that connects security researchers and businesses to find out security vulnerabilities in technology products through bug bounty programs. As of August 2019, WhiteHub had 500 security experts participating in the platform, deploying Bug Bounty for 20 domestic and international companies in various fields such as eCommerce, Fintech, OTA, SaaS, blockchain,…