Open Farming Pool & Credit Line for Heroes TD Token (HTD)

On November 27, ONUS launched the open sale for Heroes TD tokens (HTD), attracting thousands of investors.

To extend users’ opportunities to increase profits when holding HTD, also to create a mortgage loan by HTD to optimize capital; today, December 2nd, ONUS officially opens the Farming Pool and Credit Line features for Heroes TD Token (HTD).

Farming Pool HTD – ONUS

Starting at 11:00 UTC, December 2nd, ONUS opens a Farming Pool allowing users to stake HTD into the pool and receive daily rewards paid in ONUS tokens. Specifically: 

  • Start date: 11:00 UTC, December 2nd
  • Period: 20 days
  • Reward rate: 1000 ONUS everyday
  • Minimum stake: 10 HTD
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly
  • Pool allows users to unstake early with a fee of 1.5%

Every day a total reward of 1000 ONUS will be distributed to all Pool members. This reward is divided equally according to the ratio of HTD users staked into the pool at 17:00 PM UTC every day. Dividends are paid out daily and withdrawable instantly. 

To participate, users need to deposit at least 10 HTD into this pool. These tokens will be locked temporarily for 20 days and opened at the end of the pool.

Open Credit Line for HTD

From 03:00 PM UTC, ONUS enables the Credit Line feature for Heroes TD. Accordingly, users can create a loan with a limit of up to 30%, disbursed to VNDC based on HTD value at the time of loan creation.

With 24% APY interest (equivalent 0.066% per day, 0.5% per week, and 2% per month), users can choose to pay interest by day, week or month. Minimum loan amount is 200,000 VNDC.

Note: Farming Pool is an attractive profitable investment feature, which also comes with potential risks when prices fall or other events that ONUS cannot control from the project side. All pool operations and rewards depend on the project. ONUS is a technology platform provider. Therefore we will not be responsible for any property loss. Investors please carefully study and consider when participating.