Open Farming Pool for Bitback Token (BBC)

Recently, ONUS enabled transactions for BBC tokens in the form of Fair Launch, attracting thousands of investors.

To extend users’ opportunities to increase profits when holding BBC, today, April 7th, ONUS coordinated with the Bitback team to open the Farming Pool feature for Bitback Token (BBC) with the APY of 14.6%.

Accordingly, investors can take advantage of the time holding BBC to participate in Farming Pool to earn handsome profit.

Farming Pool BBC – BBC

Starting from 05:00 UTC, April 7th, ONUS opens a Farming Pool allowing users to stake BBC into the pool and receive daily rewards paid in BBC tokens. Specifically: 

  • Start date: 05:00 UTC, April 7th
  • Reward rate: 1,000:0.4 (Users will get 0.4 BBC for every 1,000 BBC deposited)
  • Minimum stake: 1,000 BBC
  • Maximum stake: 1,000,000 BBC
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly
  • Pool allows users to unstake early with a fee of 1.5%

See more details about the Yield Farming feature here.

About Bitback and token BBC

Bitback is a community application platform, built on a diverse Play-to-earn game ecosystem, simple task system and reward shopping, helping users to own Bitcoin and tokens easily. Bitback provides suitable solutions for Blockchain projects by connecting with investors, building communities to optimize Marketing efficiency and optimize costs for projects. Bitback also develops a community to share information and knowledge about the crypto market, providing the investment community with news and information about reputable projects.

BBC is a long-term token used in the entire Bitback ecosystem, including: Cashback, Game Ecosystem. Investors who own BBC tokens will receive benefits from the Bitback ecosystem: Join Launchpad, participate in private sales, receive rewards through shopping, playing games and completing tasks, among many other benefits.

Note: Farming Pool is an attractive profitable investment feature, which also comes with potential risks when prices fall or other events that ONUS cannot control from the project side. All pool operations and rewards depend on the project. ONUS is a technology platform provider. Therefore we will not be responsible for any property loss. Investors please carefully study and consider when participating.