Open Farming Pool for HNG, Earn CHI Token

To expand the opportunity to increase profits for HanaGold Token (HNG) investors, starting from 08:00 PM UTC+7, October 5th, VNDC officially enables Farming Pool for HNG, with an exciting daily reward.

Farming Pool HNG – CHI 30 days

Every day a total reward of 1 CHI will be distributed to all Pool members. This reward is divided equally according to the ratio of HNG users staked into the pool at 12:00 AM UTC+7 every day. Dividends are paid out daily and withdrawable instantly.

To participate, users need to deposit at least 1000 HNG into this pool. These tokens will be locked temporarily for 30 days and opened at the end of the pool. This Farming Pool will stop receiving stakes when it reaches its maximum capacity (5,000,000 HNG).

About HanaGold and HNG Token

HanaGold – Jewelry Shop 4.0 is a project developed by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company that allows users to buy accumulated gold from only $5 and have the opportunity to earn up to 8%/year on the staked gold. HanaGold brings more freedom in gold trading, shortening complex processes when dealing at traditional gold stores. Not only that, HanaGold creates the connecting power for jewelry chains in expanding nationwide, making transactions more convenient and faster.

HanaGold Token (HNG) is a token issued by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company. When owning HNG, investors have many benefits from HanaGold’s products and services.

More detail at What is HanaGold Token (HNG)

Note: Farming Pool is an attractive profitable investment feature, which also comes with potential risks when prices fall or other events that ONUS cannot control from the project side. All pool operations and rewards depend on the project. ONUS is a technology platform provider. Therefore we will not be responsible for any property loss. Investors please carefully study and consider when participating.