Open Farming Pool for Trustpay Token (TPH)

To extend users’ opportunities to increase profits when holding TPH, today, April 28th, ONUS opens the Farming Pool feature for Trustpay Token (TPH). Accordingly, investors can take advantage of the time holding TPH to participate in Farming Pool to earn good profit.

Farming Pool TPH – VNDC

Starting from 03:00 UTC, April 28th, ONUS opens a Farming Pool allowing users to stake TPH into the pool and receive daily rewards paid in VNDC tokens. Specifically: 

  • Start date: 03:00 UTC, April 28th
  • Period: 365 days
  • Reward rate: 10:5 (Users will get 5 VNDC for every 10 TPH deposited)
  • Minimum stake: 1,000 TPH
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly
  • Not allow early unstaking.

See more details about the Yield Farming feature here.

About Trustpay (TPH)

TRUSTpay Blockchain is developed by TRUSTpay, a joint stock company operating in the field of Fintech and implementing blockchain technology in Vietnam. After more than 10 years in the market, up to now, the company has participated in many large domestic and international projects such as: Becoming a strategic shareholder of HVA (2018), investing in VNDC project (2018)., and co-founded more than 20 companies in diverse fields such as technology, finance, tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, gold, silver, gems, e-commerce, etc.

Note: Farming Pool is an attractive profitable investment feature, which also comes with potential risks when prices fall or other events that ONUS cannot control from the project side. All pool operations and rewards depend on the project. ONUS is a technology platform provider. Therefore we will not be responsible for any property loss. Investors please carefully study and consider when participating.