Open Farming Pool for VNDC, 150,000 KAI daily reward

To help people have more opportunities to increase their assets when holding VNDC, starting from 04:00 UTC on May 25, ONUS deploys a new Farming Pool for this asset. 

Every day, a total reward of 150,000 KAI will be given to all Farming participants.

Details of the Farming Pool:

Farming Pool VNDC – KAI 30 days

  • Start date: May 25, 2023
  • Period: 30 days
  • Reward rate: 150,000 KAI is paid daily, divided according to the proportion of VNDC staked in the pool
  • Minimum stake: 500,000 VNDC
  • Maximum stake: 1,000,000,000 VNDC
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly
  • The pool does not allow users to unstake

Note: With this Farming Pool, Business Partners will receive a commission in the same proportion as the Auto Renew Pools.

See instructions to use Farming here

About KardiaChain and token KAI

KardiaChain is an open blockchain platform with multi-chain connectivity, founded by a team of Vietnamese experts and engineers with many years of experience working in London, USA. The outstanding solution that KardiaChain creates is that, through Dual Node, blockchains can link to each other, regardless of protocol differences. This makes it convenient for businesses and governments to manage and share information, helping to optimize the utility of each blockchain while ensuring transparency and security.

KAI is the only official cryptocurrency in the KardiaChain ecosystem, used as a medium of exchange, and is non-refundable. KardiaChain’s KAI token had a successful IEO (Initial Exchange Offering: Initial Funding through an Exchange) with an investment of 19.2 million USD in April 2020.