Open Farming Pool USDT – CHI

To welcome the 2023 Lunar New Year, starting from 05:00 UTC on January 14, ONUS cooperated with HanaGold to deploy one more Farming Pool for USDT. Investors can take advantage of the time holding USDT to participate in Farming to receive attractive rewards.

Details of the Farming Pool:

Farming Pool USDT – CHI 50 days

  • Start date: January 14, 2023
  • Period: 50 days
  • Pool Size: Unlimited
  • Reward rate: 5 CHI is paid daily, divided according to the proportion of USDT staked in the pool
  • Minimum stake: 50 USDT
  • Maximum stake: 5,000 USDT
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly
  • Pool does not allow users to unstake

See instructions to use Farming here

About HanaGold

HanaGold – Jewelry Shop 4.0 is a project developed by HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company that allows users to buy accumulated gold from only 100,000 VND and have the opportunity to earn 8%/year on hoarded gold investment. HanaGold brings more convenience in physical gold trading, shortening complicated processes when dealing at traditional gold shops. Moreover, HanaGold creates the connecting power of the chain of jewelry stores in the nationwide expansion system, making transactions convenient and fast.