Open Farming Pools for ONUS, APY up to 27.6%

To help people have more opportunities to increase their assets when holding ONUS, starting from 05:00 AM UTC on December 27th, ONUS deploys one more Farming Pool for ONUS with a profit rate of up to 27.6%/year. Investors can take advantage of the time holding ONUS to participate in Farming with attractive profitability.

Details of the Farming Pools are as follows:

Farming Pool ONUS – EWC 14 days

  • Start date: December 27th
  • Period: 14 days
  • Reward rate: 1000:0.5 (users get 0.5 EWC for every 1000 ONUS deposited)
  • Minimum stake: 100 ONUS
  • Pool Size: 1,000,000 ONUS
  • Estimated APY:  27.6%
  • Reward type: Daily and withdrawable instantly

See instructions to use Farming here