Open Meta Trade (OMT) get “blue tick”: Back by ONUS

Congratulations to Open Meta Trade (OMT), the first project to be awarded the “Backed by ONUS” verification. This is a special authentication only for projects that have been invested in and supported by ONUS in the early stages of development.

As announced previously, ONUS leads private round for the Open Meta Trade (OMT) project. ONUS has not only invested financially, but also provided strong support for OMT in various aspects:

  • Infrastructure support
  • Capital connection support
  • Community & customer support

With the comprehensive investment from ONUS, and with the efforts of the OMT development team, ONUS hopes that the decentralized derivatives exchange Open Meta Trade will be well received by the community.

Open Meta Trade (OMT) Launchpad schedule

According to the schedule, ONUS is currently coordinating and supporting Open Meta Trade to launch the offering program on ONUS Launchpad, with the initial achievement of reaching more than 2.3 billion VNDC submitted to buy OMT after less than 1 hour.

  • 07:00 March 02: Determine buy options
  • 07:00 March 02 – 07:00 March 05: Subscription
  • 07:00 AM March 05: Token Allocation
  • 09:00 March 07: Enable Off-chain, Trade and P2P trading, On-chain deposit transactions via Arbitrum and ONUS Chain network (On-chain withdrawal transactions is expected to be opened after 24 hours)
  • 10:00 March 07: Claim Token

Follow instructions for joining Launchpad OMT here.

Learn about Open Meta Trade (OMT) here.