Open Meta Trade trading contest: Total prize pool 5,000 USDCr

Recently, Open Meta Trade (OMT) was opened for sale on ONUS Launchpad and successfully listed on the ONUS application. As a utility token that receives revenue shares of the Open Meta Trade platform and many supported Farming and Staking pools, OMT has received the attention and enthusiastic support from a large community and has continuously established ATH since .

Responding to the interest of the community, ONUS officially opened the event “Open Meta Trade trading contest”. A total prize of $5000 ~ 120,000,000 VNDC will be awarded to the Top 20 players with the highest OMT trading volume and all users participating in the contest.

Prize structure

  1. Top 20 Prize
  • Total reward of 3000 USDCr
  • Distributed according to the proportion of volume(*) to the top 20 people with the highest total volume
  1. Community Prize
  • Total reward of 2000 USDCr
  • Divide equally among all players with volume over 2,000,000 VNDC
  • Applies to players from Top 21

(*) Volume: OMT Trading volume, including buying and selling transactions.


  • All ONUS users can participate
  • Players need to buy/sell OMT at the Trade feature. Player’s OMT trading volume will be automatically updated on Leaderboard
  • Time: 11:00 AM UTC March 15 to 11:00 AM UTC March 29
  • The Leaderboard is constantly updated at:
  • ONUS has sole discretion over the program’s outcome in all situations that arise.

The reward is transferred to the user’s ONUS account within 10 working days after the program ends.