Open P2P Trading for ADT, ANM, HES, HTD

To broaden trading opportunities for customers, starting from today, June 16, 2022, ONUS officially open the P2P Trading feature for ADT, ANM, HES, and HTD.

Accordingly, besides buying/selling ADT, ANM, HES, and HTD through the Exchange feature, users can also trade these assets through the P2P Trading feature:

  • Match orders placed by other users, or
  • Create orders yourself with the quantity and price you want.

Note: ONUS will close the Exchange feature for ADT token from 01:00 PM UTC on June 21st. See more details here.

About P2P Trading

P2P trading is a feature that allows you to place orders to buy and sell digital assets with the desired quantity and exchange rate, regardless of the market price. At the same time, you can also choose to match other users’ preset orders.

More details about the P2P trading feature are here.