OPV Maintenance for Conversion to MBC

Based on the latest announcement from OMarket, this project will make the conversion from OPV token to Monbasecoin (MBC). All OPV tokens will be converted to MBC tokens at a ratio of 1:1 (1 OPV = 1 MBC).

To aid in this conversion, ONUS will halt all trading in OPV assets:

  • 08:00 UTC on March 22, 2024: Close all features for OPV assets, including Offchain, Onchain & P2P.
  • 08:00 UTC on March 23, 2024: The maintenance progress is completed, and all functionality for MBC assets will be restored: Offchain, Onchain & P2P. 

Infomation about Monbasecoin (MBC)

  • Token Name: Monbasecoin
  • Symbol: MBC
  • Chain Type: Binance Smart Chain
  • Function: Governance, Utility
  • Smart Contract Token: 0x551FAAB1027Cc50eFAeA5BED092E330475C3Cd99
  • Total Circulation: 200,000,000 MBC


Best regards, 

ONUS Team.