Plan to convert DAM and TDC into TPH token

According to the announcement from Trustpay Group, to focus on developing the Trustpay ecosystem in 2022, Trustpay will merge 2 tokens DAM and TDC to convert into Trustpay token (TPH). DAM and TDC will be 02 projects belonging to the ecosystem of Trustpay Group.

Rates at the time of token merge:

  • 1 DAM = 1.78 TPH (1 DAM = 975 VNDC, 1 TPH= 547 VNDC)
  • 1 TDC = 1.21 TPH (1 TDC = 661 VNDC)

ONUS will perform the merge of 02 tokens DAM and TDC and convert into TPH token according to the plan as follows:

  • 4:00 UTC March 22: Suspend the Exchange and P2P Trading feature for DAM, TDC.
  • 13:00 UTC March 22: Suspend the Off-chain transaction for DAM, TDC.
  • 13:00 UTC March 30: The customer’s entire amount of DAM and TDC will be automatically converted into TPH according to the above rate, and all the same features will be applied as TPH token: Exchange, P2P Trading, Credit Line.

The converted TPH tokens will have the same benefits as TPH tokens such as Staking, Farming or the planned annual dividend of Trustpay Group.

About TPH Token

TRUSTpay Blockchain is developed by TRUSTpay, a joint stock company operating in the field of Fintech and implementing blockchain technology in Vietnam. After more than 10 years in the market, up to now, the company has participated in many large domestic and international projects such as: Becoming a strategic shareholder of HVA (2018), investing in VNDC project (2018)., and co-founded more than 20 companies in diverse fields such as technology, finance, tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, gold, silver, gems, e-commerce, etc.