Plan to Delist 25 Low-Liquidity Tokens

Currently, some tokens listed on ONUS are under the liquidity standard for trading, causing many impacts and risks for users, such as high slippage, high volatility, high buy/sell price difference.

To protect users from the risks that may happen when trading these assets, ONUS will convert these tokens to VNDC or USDT and delist them from the ONUS app.

Detail plan:

  • At 3:00 UTC on November 28, 2023, ONUS will officially delist all the listing assets. All user balances of these tokens will be automatically converted to VNDC or USDT at the exchange rate at the time of delisting.
  • If you are holding tokens in the list, before ONUS delisting, please convert these assets to USDT or VNDC. 


  • For some assets that have not been opened On-chain transactions, if users want to withdraw these assets to their personal wallets, please create tickets before 17:00 UTC on November 27, 2023 for support.
  • ONUS only supports users withdrawing these assets to their personal wallets if they have a minimum balance of 100 USDT.

List of delisted tokens:

  • EPIK Prime (EPIK)
  • (LBP)
  • ThunderCore (TT)
  • Orbit Chain (ORC)
  • Axelar (WAXL)
  • Animal Concerts (ANML)
  • Zebec Protocol (ZBC)
  • Chain (XCN)
  • A Hunters Dream Token (CAW1000)
  • LunarCrush (LUNR)
  • Orbler (ORBR)
  • Celo Dollar (CUSD)
  • TrustSwap (SWAP)
  • Hillstone Finance (HSF)
  • Drawshop Kingdom Reverse (JOY)
  • Oceanland (OLAND)
  • KubeCoin (KUBE)
  • Tidex (TDX)
  • Evmos (EVMOS)
  • Fellaz (FLZ)
  • BLD (BLD)
  • Bitcicoin (BITCI)