PLATO Maintenance for Conversion to MATCH

Based on the latest announcement from the Huobi exchange – where ONUS takes liquidity for PLATO, this project will rebrand from Plato Farm (PLATO) to Matching Game (MATCH).

After the conversion, all PLATO tokens will be converted to MATCH tokens at a ratio of 10:1 (10 PLATO = 1 MATCH).

To aid in this conversion, ONUS has halted all trading in PLATO assets, including Exchange, Off-chain and P2P transactions. 

After the maintenance period: 

  • The entire amount of PLATO in circulation will be converted to new MATCH tokens at a ratio of 10:1 (10 PLATO = 1 MATCH).
  • All features of MATCH assets will be reopened when the migration is complete. ONUS will make an announcement.

About Plato Farm and PLATO token 

Plato Farm is a metaverse that uses blockchain technology to simulate the evolution of human civilization. Plato Farm aims to build a Plato utopia in meta-universe, a country of fairness, equality, autonomy and happiness, where players can use labor and wisdom to expand their homes from scratch, accumulate wealth, connections and prestige, develop social groups, build organizations, and form a larger and more efficient social operation system.

PLATO is a native token of the Plato Farm ecosystem, operating on BNB Smart Chain according to BEP20 standard. It can be used to exchange rare NFT props and basic production materials (land, factories, and farms, etc.) or upgrade to unlock more items. Players can obtain PLATO through trading in the market or MARK staking. The more PLATO players hold, the higher status they are in the game with more permissions. 50% of the team’s revenue will be burned to maintain the PLATO deflation.