Policy updates for VIP accounts and Business Partners

Receiving feedback from the community, ONUS will add some provisions to increase benefits for VIP accounts and Business Partners. These are also important updates that help ONUS develop our Partner network in both quantity and quality.

(Officially applied at 5:00 UTC on January 19, 2021)

1. Reduced deposit Requirements for Brokers

Customers who want to upgrade to Business Partner will need to deposit a specific amount of ONUS token for each level. Due to the strong growth of ONUS prices causing the value of the deposit to increase over time, ONUS will revise this requirement for new business partners. Customers who want to upgrade to Affiliate only need to deposit 500 ONUS instead of 1000 ONUS like the old policy (applicable only to new partner registrations).

2. Benefits from ONUS Shares

The amount of ONUS Lock of partners and VIP members will enjoy all benefits equivalent to members participating in ONUS Shares: Receive daily rewards at the ratio of 1 ONUS to 4 VNDC, receive profit sharing from transaction fees every day, plus other perks.

Note: Partners and VIP users need to stake a minimum of 100 ONUS to ONUS Shares to activate the bonus for the amount of ONUS deposited.

3. Provide commission when introducing new Partner

When a user makes the upgrade to become a Business Partner, the affiliate partners will be rewarded from the ONUS partner development fund. Specifically:

  • Direct referer: 2% of ONUS deposit amount.
  • Partner: 0.25% of ONUS deposit amount.
  • Regional Partner: 0.25% of ONUS deposit amount.
  • Country Partner: 0.25% of ONUS deposit amount.

4. Apply 2.75% fee for each partner downgrade

Starting at 5:00 UTC on January 19, 2022, ONUS will collect fees when customers submit a request to downgrade their partners. The fee is 2.75% of the ONUS deposit of that partner level, depending on the partner level. This fee will be used for the ONUS business partner development fund. Users should pay attention and consider carefully when performing a partner upgrade.