QuickSwap (QUICK) Maintenance for Conversion

Based on the latest announcement from the Binance exchange – where ONUS takes liquidity for QuickSwap (QUICK), this project will convert old QUICK tokens to new QUICK tokens. All old QUICK tokens will be converted to new QUICK tokens at a ratio of 1:1000 (1 old QUICK = 1000 new QUICK).

To aid in this conversion, starting from 03:00 (UTC) July 17, 2023 ONUS will halt all trading for QUICK, including Off-chain transactions and Trade.

Maintenance time: From 03:00 on July 17, 2023 to 08:00 AM on July 21, 2023 (UTC). 

On July 21, 2023, full functionality for QUICK assets will be restored when the maintenance progress is completed.

About QuickSwap and QUICK Token 

Quickswap is an offshoot of UniSwap, the leading DeFi exchange in the crypto world. Quickswap is an AMM (automatic market maker) exchange similar to Uniswap. According to the operating mechanism of AMM, Quickswap does not match trading orders according to the order book but through liquidity pools.

As the name implies, QuickSwap focuses on fast transaction speeds. Furthermore, QuickSwap is set up to be easy to understand and use for those who are used to UniSwap. In addition, because it is built on Polygon, QuickSwap also has the advantage that the transaction fee is almost zero. Users only need to pay a small part of the fee to the liquidity providers.

QUICK is a token that works in QuickSwap with several uses, such as:

  • Governance: QUICK token holders can participate in the platform’s governance through voting.
  • Payout: QUICK is used as a reward for users who provide liquidity to Quickswap.